Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty Base, Bagless, Row-by-Row Cleaning, Perfect for Pet Hair, Compatible with Alexa, Wi-Fi, Gray Everything ElseLive viewers eye icon

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FORGET ABOUT VACUUMING: The bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris.

INCREDIBLE SUCTION: Deep-cleaning power to tackle large and small debris, and pet hair.

ROW-BY-ROW CLEANING: Methodically cleans row by row, room to room for complete coverage.

RECHARGE & RESUME: It returns to the base, recharges, and can pick up where it left off.

PERFECT FOR PETS: Capture dust, dander, and allergens.

APP/VOICE CONTROL: Easily start cleaning with Google Assistant, Alexa, or one tap in the app.

MULTI-SURFACE CLEANING: Multi-surface brushroll pulls in dirt and debris from carpets and floors.

HANDLE EDGES AND CORNERS: With its dual spinning side brushes, no debris is safe.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Shark EZ Robot Vacuum, Self-Empty Base, (2) Side Brushes & Filter.

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  1. Badger B

    We have 3 dogs and there was hair in corners and along the edge of the wall constantly, and they would also track dirt in all the time. It always looked like the house was dirty unless you vacuumed everyday. The robot manages to keep the entire place looking decent.It actually improved our mood because you’re not coming home to piles of hair and dirt poking out of the corners.We have 1400 sq ft on the main floor where the robot is and we empty the main cannister about once every week or two. The robot returns to empty about 3-4 times during it’s cleaning cycle (set to extra emptying due to dog hair). I would not like the regular robot that doesn’t have the cannister, it would likely not do the job for us. It takes about 2-3 hrs to do the entire floor including returning to base to charge when needed.Now for the slight negatives:1. It tends to get a little stuck every few days on our dog beds sometimes although it’s nice that it can actually climb onto them and clean them too usually (they’re the giant pillow type not mattress or walled type).2. This version has a brush roller, I wish I had known about/seen the rubber roller as the brush does pick up the hair quite a bit, but I tend to only have to clean it out once a week or so.3. The cleaning pattern seems a little non optimal and it sometimes tends to go over the same area multiple times.4. Tends to close doors behind it so it can get stuck in a room, especially if the door is slightly balanced such that it closes easily, not sure what any robot could do about this. We’ve tied back the doors it happens to the most.Wish list:1. Ability to see the robot’s location on the map it creates on your phone. To find the robot you can use the app and it will make noise so it’s not imperative, and if it stops for some reason it sends a notification.2. Ability for the robot to detect that it is stuck in a room and send a notification before it gets low on battery.3. Replacement brush with the rubber brushes (might be able to haven’t really checked yet).

    Badger B

  2. Vicki

    After reading the reviews on the internet about the original model I was on the fence between the Shark robot and the irobot i9+. The major complaint of the 1st gen Shark was the mapping not working as well as one would want, but Shark had been updating the software and app along the way and making new updates available for everyone. – Read a few reviews stating a new model number with improved mapping, aka “2nd generation” and decided to give it a shot.Our home is a custom built 2740sq ft house with pillars dividing off a “nook” and our office area, formal dining, the two kid’s rooms, bathroom, and our master has a 2nd living room area attached. Even with all that it has mapped it pretty well in just 3 cycles, and has started in a different direction each time, obviously searching to complete the map. 2 adults, 2 kids, and 3 kitties to keep up after and its doing an excellent job so far.Has had no issues returning to its “mothership” to offload when necessary and going back to where it left off. Run time on mostly tile and hardwood floors seems to be about 90 minutes, including 1-2 trips back to offload. After charging it will go back out and pick up where it left off, just as you would hope for.


  3. Darnell

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     I ordered Model #AV1002AE, but what was delivered was Model #AV1102ARUS. I did a search on the internet for Model AV1102ARUS and found absolutely nothing. Anyway, I called Shark and they told me they were the same Robots, so I thought I would give it a try.I am extremely happy after 3 days of owing it. I have read review users having problems with it mapping their homes. My home is 2000’+, and I had NO problems. I believe the trick is you can help it finds its way around your home by turning on all the lights! It needs to see the ceiling! Help it out! Turn on your lights, even if it is daylight outdoors! Trust me! It works! After one run, it mapped my home, and it let me assign rooms, no problem. I have an iPhone, the app is on, and it allows you to assign NO-Go Zones. I read complaints of it being noisy while cleaning! Not so! Now I did upload a video of it cleaning, and my iPhone amplified the sound. It is not really that noisy. This Robot when cleaning tries it best to get every nook and cranny! I have had no problems with it getting stuck. Hey, it evens gets under my bed! My regular vacuum cannot do that. It has NO problem finding its way back to the base to unload the dirt! My home has tile and carpet.1. After unboxing it, let it charge up completely!!! It will take a while, just be patient!2. Turn on all your lights. Now, let the Robot run on ECO mode!!! ECO! ECO! Did I mention ECO Mode?3. If you have pets, I suggest you have it return every 30 minutes to dump. There is a setting for this on your app.


  4. Scott

    I was scared to buy after reading SOOO many reviews and seeing so much hate on this product about it’s horrible mapping and so on but being a IT and Networking tech first thing that ran through my mind was well it’s prob a user error thing so i bought and well it works greatFirst thing to know when Mapping.The Shark Connects to your 2.4Ghz Wifi Band so Have your phone connected to this as well and NOT your 5ghz BandTwo Make sure you do your first one to two runs on ECO mode with scheduling and all the fancy features like auto charge after 30 mins, auto dump after 30 mins OFF.When the shark finally makes a map and lets you make your rooms and no go zones you might go well i can’t use them why. again YOU HAVE TO BE ON THE 2.4Ghz Wifi Band this might seem trivial but a-lot of products are like this.overall though even with these nickpicky little things you gotta do the bot works great, doesn’t wake up my baby loves to fight with my cat, makes cleaning my babies crumb messes easy


  5. Angel Dog

    This thing is the bomb!I had one of the early Roomba’s but just never used it… too hard to clean, the dust cup was tiny, and impossible to clean the bristle roller thing.Not this one!I love everything about this little guy, especially how he takes himself back to the dock and empties himself and the goes back to work. My floors and area rugs have never been cleaner.All I have to do is pick up a few things, (like the cat bed, stuff like that I want the floor cleaned under,) let him do his thing until he’s done… then he goes back to sleep until the next time.Oh yeah… works with Alexa.I named him Oscar.Just love him!

    Angel Dog

  6. Coyote Woman

    I now have three of these as I have a very large home. I did not want to overwork “the girls”. I have named them all and they manage to keep the floors well dusted for us. I am not young (80) and it is not the easiest for me to clean this home. Now if they could only do the dusting of furniture and also scrub the bathrooms it would be heavenly.

    Coyote Woman

  7. Craig Shue

    I read a lot of web sites and watched comparison videos researching a robot vacuum just as everyone else does. Shout out to they put a lot of products through controlled testing, truly measuring apples to apples performance between different models. I was drawn to the Shark mostly because we have a Shark upright and it has performed very well for us. My decision was down to the Roomba i7 or i9 and the Shark. The concern I had was we have 2 English Mastiff’s and they shed a lot all over the place. The vaccumwars review and testing of the roller wheel not clogging as much as other models is what sold me, along with the price savings over the Roomba’s. While setting up the Shark it offers a 30 minute clean cycle and recommends for people with pets, it has been a perfect option. Shark will run for 30 mintues, return to the dock, empty and go back out (or recharge then redeploy) to clean more. It’s disgusting but you’ll see an example of the pet hair it collected over several days/runs and how little remained on the rollers. Given the amount it was able to collect and empty I feel the few strands on the roller are not an issue. Tip for anyone setting up the app on your phone, be sure to go into Settings and enable the Recharge and Resume and Evacuate and Resume features. Test reports for the battery life weren’t as good as some other models but it’s irrelevant since it will recharge itself and the battery is more than enough for a 30 minute run cycle as I have it set to.

    Craig Shue


    First time with a robot vac. Did research and read all reviews, pros and cons and decided this was best for price. Ran for first time today and here are initial observations. Will update as I use it more. 1) this is not a plug and play item. I did have to spend time going around the house taping down extension cords, moving small items that can get knocked over, and marking where certain items of furniture are because apparently if an item moves from location it was at when robot mapped area it will get confused ( there were several reviews that mentioned that as an issue so I just went ahead and marked items that tend to be moved like a coffee table, and chairs (I used little pieces of a tape called “ gaffer tape” which is excellent because it holds well but doesn’t leave ANY residue when removed. Available on Amazon. 2) the model number used on amazon for this item is NOT the same as the model number on the robot, important because when calling tech support if you give this model # they don’t know what you’re talking about. 3) Had no problems setting up and connecting to wifi. 4) ran it on ECO mode because some of the reviews said it was better while it’s still mapping the house -will map it faster because battery lasts longer. I HAVE PETS therefore endless hair and debris and was impressed with suction at the ECO level which is the least strong suction setting. I Won’t try the other two modes until robot finished mapping. 5) there were a couple of areas where it got stuck but after a min or two it found its way out on its own, probably best not to help it unless it’s stuck for more time 6) it lasted 2 hrs and had to return to dock to empty itself twice (2nd time there was an issue described below. at times it seemed it wasn’t going to find its way back to dock but it did. 7) when it went through living room it missed area between sofa and coffee table, however, after doing the kitchen it went back to living room and found the missed area. 8) TWO BIG CONS: the previous model RV1000AE (apparently the one I bought is pretty new as of DEC 2020) has a SELF CLEANING BRUSH which is supposed to prevent long human hair wrap around the brush as was a feature I really wanted because this household has long haired humans , this model DOES NOT come with that. It has what they call a multi surface brush which is basically a regular bristle brush where my long hair got tangled and i had to tear, cut it off brush. Big bummer. ACCORDING to tech support one cannot buy the self cleaning brush to attach to this model. You would think Shark would make the bots so you could switch brushes if you wanted. Also, in the first 2 hr run an error message to empty the dust bin in the robot ( not the base) came up. While the bot and bristle brush did a great job of scraping the pet hair off the carpet, it bunched up in the dust bin and the base was not able to suck it up the 2nd time, I had to manually empty robot dust bin. Big bummer. 9) You need BOUNDARY STRIPS to keep bot out of areas you don’t want it. This model DOES NOT COME WITH THEM, whereas the previous model does. Chintzy move by Shark. OVERALL I am happy with it. I hope the problem with the dust bin clogging to the point of not self emptying will resolve itself after continuous use. I have both carpet and hardwood floors ( on which I have area rugs) and it has no problem transitioning from one to the other. Even though it’s not perfect I can now have a daily vacuuming of my house without me having to do it (I have a very bad back and knees and there is no way I could vacuum every day). As the bot is not finished mapping I haven’t tried any of the APP features-scheduling or picking a specific room to clean— I’m hoping the APP will work well because that was one of the major complaints I read in all the reviews…..the reviews I read were for the previous model because at time of purchase there was only one review for this model. As of now worth the money, it was on sale for $499 when I bought it.12/25 update. On original review I had given it only 3 stars, now I give it 5. One of the CONS mentioned previously seems to have resolved, running it every day means less pet hair and debris so the dust bin on bot has not clogged again. still have to check brush for tangled human hair and rip/cut it off but I have to do that with normal vacs so I can live with it. Bot finished mapping house after 4.6 hrs of running ( a lot faster than what reviews had complained about). IMPORTANT, it is best to have the “CHARGE N RESUME feature on while mapping if big house, mine is 1900 sq ft, so it completes map faster. This feature does not mean the bot will re start vacuuming after it charges, it just means it will resume in area where it stopped. Final floor plan was pretty darn accurate (lot of negative reviews about the mapping being inaccurate), also found it relatively easy to create rooms. Have an iPhone 11, don’t know if type of phone was the issue for those who complained about difficulty with the feature. I do wish there was an option to create CUSTOM room labels. When creating rooms I found it’s best to zoom the floor plan when creating room lines, otherwise the named room may not correspond exactly to the actual room. This feature is a must because bot only completes 80% of house on ONE charge, then have to wait 3 hrs, so if u don’t want to wait that long to get a specific room done ……. The actual run time on ECO mode is approx 1hr40mins not 2 as previously stated, and the charge time is approx 3 hrs. The dust bin gets emptied at least once during that time. Many times bot seems to be lost- it will do 1/2 living room then go to bedroom then go back to missed area in living.. not a big deal as it gets it done. BOUNDARY STRIPS- don’t know yet if the NO GO ZONE feature in APP can replace the use of strips- for big areas maybe, but I have strips around pet water bowl and I don’t think I can make that a no go zone so I don’t have to have the strips. Will experiment with that feature as I’m not thrilled about having boundary strips in certain areas. My silly dog was initially scared of the strips and wouldn’t walk over them to get to her bed. Dog doesn’t love the bot she’s a scaredy-cat so she goes outside when in use… it only took the cat 2 runs of bot before she realized it’s harmless… hope to see her riding it some day 🙂 ….I am still impressed about the amount of stuff this thing is sucking up on ECO mode, and it is not overly noisy.I can only assume the other 2 modes are suction beasts but probably a lot noisier and drain battery faster.Though not perfect, if one is willing to spend the time for set up and understanding it’s quirks, it is definitely worth the $$$ …I’m very happy.


  9. Russ

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     So my first robot vacuum was an original iRobot Roomba many years ago prior to this auto-dump tech. I loved that thing and it still works to this day, however obviously its nearly daily use maintenance was too much for me to do each time. FFWD to now: I live alone with a boxer dog and am gone to work each day so my home’s floor was just too much for me to be able to maintain. I decided to invest in a new tech auto-dump technology robotic vac, which would be perfect. Nutshell: after much research and my great experience with iRobot, I decided to order up their latest and greatest, and at “greatest” cost. Supply chain issues delayed delivery for a month, okay, got that. After a month, emailed company just to simply get an update. Did this four or so times over the following month. I received zero, absolutely zero responses, to my utter surprise. Placed two phone calls in to their customer service, and each time after on hold for 45 minutes, I gave up. I was willing to wait – but…. Their product originated in development from the USA, by higher ed students originally afterall. Wellll, suffice it to say I experienced the outsourcing effects of their company. To cancel, I ended up having to go to the lengths of changing my credit card number, updating auto-charges from other providers on that account and it was THEN that I FINALLY heard back from iRobot. Who would want to invest $1300 in a device with zero company customer service response after 4-6 or so tries? Not me. So saddened to see yet another great company to sail off our lands. So I decided to give Shark a try at half the price-I have some of their appliances which have been great. First delivery didn’t go well, and that’s because I didn’t pay attention to the exact model AND the seller. It arrived, I set it up, and the battery would not take a charge. Turns out it was a “previous” model – obviously had sat on some shelf for who knows how long. Returned, and Amazon covered my back on this. More research showed me that that unit wasn’t the current model. I decided to order this one which at this time is the CURRENT model, and sold THROUGH Amazon, fully returnable. I can not say enough about this little critter! It’s just amazing! This robot vac has made a huge difference to my home. I don’t really understand the other reviews’ complaints about it’s vacumming “noise” be it while operating or on its base in sucking out the bin. It’s absolutely no louder than my wired Dyson unit while “sounding like an airplane taking off,” for all of less than 10 seconds. To me, the freegin louder it is, the better it’s cleaning out the robot! I launched it without even preemptively vacuuming my home- it worked hard and it took a few good cleaning out’s to get it more leveled out and that’s on me. I made a few changes to my home physically and reset its map by deleting the map (put my couch up on hockey pucks for access-it’s about 3.5″ tall). It’s now re-learning my home and doing a fantastic job after several runs! I can add “high traffic ‘rooms’ ” or areas layed over the top of overall rooms. Contrary to other reviews I’ve read, probably earlier ones, you can add rooms and name them to your use- I’ve overlayed “rooms” over larger “rooms.” I love this thing! I can’t believe it’s only been a month of use – I’ve used the crap out of this thing. No issues and very adaptable. The only thing I look forward to is to be able to program more than one program. You can currently program one session- per day, per week, every each day of your choice, but of your selection of rooms identified including all of the rooms. Can’t do an additional sub program of, say, “high traffic areas,” which I’ve added as additional “rooms.” I’ve read that is coming in future software updates. iOS WiFi connectivity is great. Map views when swiping give you more than one historical map of effected coverage. At half the price, “customer service” response remains to be seen (I’ve not had to), I would recommend this unit. Just make sure you look at current models, and not the older very similar looking models. As with any robotic vac, I’d recommend a home, or shop-use air compressor with regulated output to soften as needed for blowing out all as needed. I also found some great video reviews online that taught me a lot about this model line- very similar responses. By design, one can tell older vs newer units simply by how its dump cannister is designed. The map image I am attaching is one of its first runs of learning, and you can see it did a really good job of coverage for its first attempt. Smaller home in my case but numerous areas-after which I edited rooms, areas and overlayed high traffic areas as additional rooms for double-cleaning. It’s been great once my home floor condistions leveled out and the robot can easily cover all areas. Not hard at all- give it a whirl! Hope this helps some. r-


  10. DemoNrockeR

    I’ve seen all the YouTube reviews and to be honest they are way off from how this vacuum actually performs. This vacuum is does everything it says it does. It cleans most if not all the dog hair, anti hair brush works way better than I thought it would, self emptying is also on point and lastly navigation and mapping is as accurate as I expected. The map of my home only took about 1-2 passes and reflects furniture placement. So if it doesn’t look exactly like your house, maybe take that into consideration.