Forehead Thermometer for Fever, Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adults, Non-Contact Temporal Thermometer with Instant Accurate Reading, Fever Alarm and Memory Function Baby

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【ACCURATE AND RELIABLE】Our forehead thermometer is equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology and high precision sensor for getting reliable and accurate readings within 1 s. We use professional medical ABS materials, safer than the traditional mercury thermometer.

【BEST THERMOMETER FOR BABY】1 second fast measurement, instant reading. With large backlit LCD screen and mute mode setting, you can get the measurements clearly in the dark without disturbing your baby’s sleep. ℃ and ℉ are easily switchable.

【INTELLIGENT HUMANIZED DESIGN】Our digital medical thermometer can store and recall up to 35 temperature readings, available to help you track changes of temperature. Intelligent auto turn-off after 15 seconds. Equipped with fever warning function, the infrared thermometer for fever will help you better know the temperature status with corresponding lights and beeps.

【MULTI-MODE THERMOMETER】The temporal thermometer is designed for all ages, adults, babies and elders. In addition to measuring forehead, it can also measure room, object, and liquids temperature. Great choice for home,nursery, travel, clinic, school.


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  1. Matt M

    I was skeptical at first, I’ve had some temple and forehead thermometers that seemed inaccurate — not this one! Seems to match up well within about 0.1 degrees with my oral thermometer.When I use this, I do make sure no hair is in the way that it’s pointing at bare skin. It shines a green circle where it’s aimed while reading to make it easy to see if it’s pointed right.Additional perk, in addition to being much faster, it seems to be unaffected by eating/drinking that will throw off oral thermometers. Takes about 1 second to power on and 1 second to give a reading.

    Matt M

  2. Wei Zhang

    This is the first non-contact thermometer i ever used and i love it. If you have kids, you know how difficult is to get temperature from kids. But with this one, all you have to do is place the thermometer fewer inches apart from the forehead and click a button and is done, super easy, fast, convenience, and accurate. It can switch between F and C as your choice. This thermometer not only can take temperature from human body, it can do much more. it can take temperature for food, check your AC, and etc. The biggest thing will be as we are in Covid-19, this is very handy for everyone who is running a business, you can check every customer coming into your store with a simple click. i think every family should get one for their safety protection.

    Wei Zhang

  3. softwareguy

    As soon as this thermometer arrived, I checked it against my oral mercury thermometer and two oral thermometers at my doctors office. I tested it using glasses of water so the temp would be stable during the test. The thermometer was registering 0.3 degrees (Fahrenheit) low. It was easy to correct the reading and has been working great ever since. I now trust this thermometer.My wife uses it daily so she can record her temp once she gets to work.It reads from the forehead without touching it, so there should be no contamination issues. It should be great for using on kids at night without waking them.


  4. NYKT

    Received within 14 days which was amazing. Two weeks earlier than expected. This thermometer is very easy to use and accurate and not like 1 of those big ones I got before. the most amazing part was accurate. I recommended to my father inlaw right the way to get 1 before sold out. The seller was very friendly to send a followup email to make sure everything was ok. 🙂


  5. Jie

    I received my order within 2 weeks. Considering the current situation, it is surprisingly fast. The thermometer functions great as described. I compared its test result with my classic thermometer, which I trusted and used before, the results are the same (within designed deviation, +/- 0.4F). But, this production is much, much fast. Within 1 second, you will get the number. Point, click, done. great! It is so easy and fast. Especially, if you have ever suffered to measure the temperature of a baby, you will be much more appreciated it. It is a big relief.I also found out that this small instrument has another very useful function. You can change to “object” mode to measure the temperature of your house or others (32-212F). It is very handy when you want to know how your air conditioner performance is, especially during a switch of season. I compared this thermometer result with my AC control panel setting. They are the same. I don’t need to worry about my AC this summer.Overall, it is a great product, a very useful tool for a household. I gave it 5-star.


  6. SamB2

    If you have kids you know that having a thermometer on hand is critical. And with the COVID-19 crisis a non-contact thermometer is a serious must for all ages in every household. I am seriously impressed with this forehead thermometer. The digital read out display is clear and using a color scheme to alert of a fever (mild or more serious) is a huge bonus. I love that it is well made and ergonomic. Better still that it is completely accurate in measurement and doesn’t require any contact, just point and read the temperature. That saves from passing around germs. I also appreciate that you can mute the sound (to quietly check a baby’s temperature as they sleep) and it automatically turns off to save battery.And while I had specifically intended to use this thermometer just to measure for fever, I was pleasantly surprised about its additional modes that enable you to measure the temperature of a room or other objects. Pointing this at a plate of food I can see if the temperature is a just right or if I need to let a dish cool before serving it up to the kids. This thing is really handy! Scanning takes just 1 second which makes it super convenient.Very pleased with how quickly this shipped and is a great price for all the features it offers. Very much worthwhile and an impressive tool. 5 stars for sure!


  7. Hummingbirds

    We have an extremely accurate (tested) Ex*rg*n temporal scanner thermometer and needed another infrared scanner to use for travel. I tried another off brand (which I also reviewed on here) and that one had way too much of a temp difference to even be considered accurate. But THIS one is VERY accurate!!! You can see in my photo it matches very closely, with usually only a .1 to .3 difference. So this one is the most accurate I’ve found so far. The price is a little steep compared to others we have, but it is what it is during this time. I like how it feels in the hand, light and ergonomic. It feels like high quality. It even comes with a well-made protective pouch! If you are looking for a good infrared thermometer give this one a try! The other company actually emailed me with a $25 bribe if I removed my 1 star review – that should tell you something right there. I don’t think this company would even have to do that, because they actually have a quality product that works. Highly recommend this one!


  8. alwaysneed2learn

    This is the 2nd infrared thermometer we purchased during the pandemic and the 1st was returned immediately because it was so hard to use and inaccurate. This one is a BREEZE to use… so easy that even my teen will use it (which is saying a LOT). My husband has to check his temp each morning before work and the standard (under the tongue) thermometer we had was accurate, but could take up to 2 min. This one is FAST, EASY to use and VERY ACCURATE. It doesn’t have to touch you at all (I know that should be implied, but the other infrared thermometer we purchased actually had to be so close as to touch your forehead) and reads quickly and accurately every time. We’ve even used it to check air and water temperatures (with success).I would highly recommend. One of our best purchases this year!


  9. Customer E

    This thermometer is very easy to use and the result is pretty accurate. It can easily switch between F and C and has memory for you to look up the temperature you have taken. It’s been great to use this product to monitor my temperature.

    Customer E

  10. Bonnie

    We compared this product with one of our thermometers you put under the tongue and both had the same reading! This forehead thermometer is far superior because you get a reading in a matter of seconds and it’s contact free! No need to sterilize after every use. It is very easy to use and the product is nice and light. A nice plus is that it also comes with batteries.