Baby Wipes, Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes, Hypoallergenic and Unscented, 6 Pop-Top Packs, 336 Total Wipes

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About this item

Pampers Sensitive wipes are clinically proven for sensitive skin

From Pampers, the #1 pediatrician recommended brand

Thick and gentle for a soothing clean

Pop-top dispenses just one at a time

Gentle and hypoallergenic—0% alcohol, fragrance, parabens and latex* (*Natural rubber)

For healthy skin, use together with Pampers Swaddlers diapers

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Based on 10 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Nathaniel Ruby

    I definitely prefer these wipes over the competition. My wife and I typically buy Huggies diapers, but didn’t care for their wipes at all. They had a weird odor and rip easily. These Pamper wipes on the other hand are fantastic! Strong material, relatively neutral scent and get the job done with our two little ones.

    Nathaniel Ruby

  2. Alyssa

    Love these wipes for my baby boy! He’s 5 months old and I’ve used these since he was a newborn, other wipes seem to give him diaper rash and we tried almost every other popular kind. I would highly recommend if you’re baby had a sensitive bottom, I love how soft they are too! These are definitely my favorite wipes for the price! I’m a first time mom so I google everything and out of almost all the wipes these wipes are the safest for baby. It still has some ingredients that aren’t the best for your baby but way better then most other brands!!


  3. BwHow

    My go to wipes for years and years, don’t leave home without them! Not too thick like another major brand which I won’t name but begins with an H and not too thin like all the generic brand of wipes which are prone to tearing if used on anything other than a butt. I’ve used these with both my older kids who had super sensitive skin as babies and it’s the only wipe I requested for baby #3 on the way. They’re also great just to keep a pack in the bathroom and in the car for easy cleanup…I wipe down windows, counters, booster seats, my leather car seats…I could go on but I don’t have to. Best wipe out there.


  4. maria c.

    I don’t use these for children. They are great to have in the car, and in your pocket book . I like to use them for my hands when I’m out and about . After food shopping and touching the wagons , after lunch especially if you have pizza or finger foods , at the laundromat if your detergent spills on your hands , and on a hot day coming home from work it’s a great way to start makeup removal , at the gym to freshen up as well . They are bigger and softer than traditional wipes meant for hands and they don’t burn or dry out your skin . I’d say they’re great for babies bottoms and beyond !

    maria c.

  5. Tiffany Schumaker

    Gentle for babies! I trust these wipes for not only my babies butt, but to wipe other areas of her body. If she has some drool or dry milk or spit up on her face and neck I use these wipes to do a quick clean up. I also use them to clean her hands when she has slobbered on them, and her feet when her socks have left lint behind. I even use them on my hands when I’m out and about along with sanitizer. They’re not too damp or dry. They fit perfectly in my wipes warmer and are just as convenient on the go!

    Tiffany Schumaker

  6. Diana

    These wipes are awesome. As a healthcare professional, I usually preach That fragrance free items are the way to go. This definitely lives up to its name. Pampers is a very popular brand, and rightfully so. Very good product. Very high-quality. Very durable, and when you use it it does not fall apart in your hand. No fragrance, which again, is my favorite


  7. K H

    I’m lucky my newborn does not have sensitive skin but I prefer these wipes because they are the softest compared to a few other brands I tried (Huggies, Honest, Water Wipes, etc.). They are very wet but it makes for a smoother wipe down. To avoid issues with being too wet before putting her clean diaper on, I just pat my baby dry with a small towel and I have never had to deal with a diaper rash yet. Although my baby doesnt have sensitive skin, she is very fussy and would cry when we used the less expensive Huggies wipes but I can get away with silent night changes with these! Huggies were dry and tugged her skin and I could see the beginning of irritated skin. She is a happy baby with Pure Aqua!

    K H

  8. MissM

    Well worth the money!


  9. KayakFisherman

    I learned in the army years ago that baby wipes are the holy of holies in the field. You need them. Cleans anywhere you need cleaning and ensures a hygienic stay in the wilderness. I continued the tradition in civilian life and now order them by the case. They last in the unopened packs for years and when I run low, I buy more. I take a pack with me whenever I camp and they come in handy at home occasionally if I eat too much Polish food. Cheers!I choose these because they are unscented and do not contain a bunch of weird stuff. They are just basic and they do a great job.


  10. Amanda

    I love the sensitive baby wipes from pampers. My son has extra sensitive skin and this has been the perfect match for him. No residue or left over buttery feel. No nasty smells. It smells clean and they have that watery moist feel to it, not dripping wet, which gives it that extra clean feeling. I love that I have it subscribed monthly to us although sometimes I need to order an extra box because we keep them everywhere. I cannot express enough on how much I love these wipes! Oh, and I use them to take off my makeup each day too.