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Baby Wipes, Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes, Unscented, Hypoallergenic, 10 Flip-Top Packs (560 Wipes Total) : Baby

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10 flip-top packs of 56 Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes, Unscented (560 wipes total); National Eczema Association Seal of Approval

Plant-Based Wipes since 1990: Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes are plant-based & 99% purified water for a gentle clean

Safe for sensitive skin: hypoallergenic & dermatologically tested, unscented diaper wipes are infused with aloe & vitamin E; wipes are pH balanced to help maintain healthy skin

No harsh ingredients: free of lotions, fragrances, parabens, alcohol, dyes & elemental chlorine; does not contain phenoxyethanol or MIT

EZ Pull 1-Handed Dispensing: one-handed dispensing makes it easy to grab wipes without wasting sheets; packaging may vary from images shown


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  1. Stephanie

    I have 4 kids: 10, 4, 3, and 2 y/o. I have tried EVERY SINGLE baby wipe that exists on the entire market over the course of 4 kids. The Huggies Natural Care for Sensitive Skin are the best wipes out household has EVER found. They’re super thick, luxurious feeling, softness is unbeatable, and they’re unscented! Some unscented wipes absolutely STINK. NOT these. Even though they’re supposed to have no scent, there’s just a “clean smell” to them. I can’t really describe it. My 2 and 3 year old have VERY sensitive diaper areas. They cannot use other wipes or brands, because it will break them out. In a pinch, if I was out of these, I have had to purchase the Pampers Sensitive Unscented wipes. You would figure “same thing, and both big name, good brands. These will work,” right?!? NO. WRONG. The Pampers ones are WAY thinner, WAY less soft (which breaks my 2 and 3 y/o diaper area out in terrible rashes and SEVERELY makes them red). It takes like 5+ of those to equal the “cleaning power” of ONE thick Huggies wipe. These are really about completely “one and done” wipes, unless one of them has a HUGE #2 blowout all up their back… then it might take two wipes, lol. I use only one wipe for #1s when their diapers are getting a bit saggy. I use these to clean up and spills (which we have TONS of in a house with a 4, 3, and 2 y/o). One wipe will clean up most all spills. Listen… I even use these things to take my makeup off with, and clean my face with!! Lol I’m a busy, most of the time exhausted, single mom… I ain’t got time for all that fancy skin care regimen, and these have helped my adult acne and make my face feel so clean and soft. These are literally an everyday staple in our house (and probably will be, even after they’re out of diapers completely), and are used for literally EVERYthing. My fav wipes ever. LOVE them. 🙂


  2. Laura Parsons

    No, I don’t have a baby.. these are for the adults in our house (meaning for the only people who live in my house lol) and I never used to use baby wipes until I met my boyfriend, and I’m sort of amazed that I never used them before him!! I know the package says don’t flush.. but umm… yeah we’ve been doing that for many years now, and no issues with the plumbing so far! That’s not to say I recommend flushing these.. because the building we live in together in San Francisco has pretty industrial-seeming plumbing. That is that when you flush in this building, there’s a very loud and forceful whooshing sound and there aren’t any bowls above the toilets so perhaps that kind of plumbing is just less prone to clogs and whatnot.Anyway, this is a great value and I’ll continue to purchase (and flush) these badboys.

    Laura Parsons

  3. NY Rose

    Be aware these are for TUB refills. That’s what I wanted but wanted to make it clear. This is a LOT of wipes! ? Each bag has a zip closure so should remain moist after opening until used. Any concerns about that, I’d suggest putting them in a plastic zip bag.

    NY Rose

  4. Anne Dakan

    These never disappoint! They’re not as thick as they used to be and a bit smaller now. Used to be more per packet, but still a good product. Make a good sanitizing wipes with the addition of alcohol and essential oil of rosemary. The unscented feature doesn’t interfere with adding your own scents. Last a long time. In my opinion, no longer strong enough for use on babies, but they’re great for my purposes. My husband was getting sore hands from non-bleach sanitizing wipes and I was stuck with wiping down everything that came into the house. Now he has no excuse and can wipe down his own deliveries. Saved me a ton of work! Will buy again if they’re available. Would have bought a larger pack if I could have. They do the job! Gentle on hands. Good for sensitive skin. Would have gotten five stars if they hadn’t made the packets and number of wipes smaller and thinner since the last time I bought them, which admittedly, was quite some time ago. I always buy in bulk to save money on things I know will get used up, even if it takes three years.

    Anne Dakan

  5. Edl

    These work as well if not better than Pampers brand. The pampers brand are thinner not as moist and they took away the easy convenient pop top. If you want the dryer brand, thinner not as cushioned pay more without the pop top continue with pampers. I’ve switched to Hughies based on quantity. Quality, convenience and especially now the cost made the switch easier. They work for sensitive skin. I use these for my pups pads, his ears ect. His claws don’t tear the Huggies and I use one pad to three of the pamper brand and the pamper brand was shredded. Huggies stood up well. For 6 years I used pampers on and off for my kids. I soon changed over to Huggies across the board. We all have super sensitive skin the Huggies just handle our skin with no reaction and no odor just soft plush wipes! Thank You so much for a decent product. Btw, my kids are now successful adults who use the huggies brand for many things.


  6. Cowboy

    We’ve had kids in diapers for the past five years so we know a few things about wipes and diapers. Numerous brands have been tried, yet we always come back to Huggies for their quality and value. For the past 1-2 years we have been loyal to the Huggies Natural Care wipes because they are soft, strong, unscented, easy to pull from the package, and a good value.I recently came across Huggies Refreshing Clean wipes and they were a tad bit cheaper and slightly more satisfying than the Huggies Natural Care. I thought we’d give them a try, knowing that Huggies hasn’t disappointed us yet. These wipes are exactly the same with a mild and pleasant scent. They come in the same package, same size and thickness, with the same design on the wipe. The scent is pleasant and clean, not the unpleasant baby powder smell that other wipes have. They are also one cent cheaper per wipe than Huggies Natural Care, which adds up if you go through as many wipes as we do.To sum it up, the Huggies Natural Care are excellent wipes and won’t disappoint. The Huggies Refreshing Clean are the same wipe with scent but slightly cheaper. Either way you can’t go wrong with Huggies wipes.Update 03/22/2020: I had to buy some. Pampers wipes because we couldn’t find Huggies anywhere while people were hoarding during Corona Virus 2020. I stand by the fact that Huggies have an overall better product. Pampers wipes themselves are comparable, but the Huggies packaging is far superior. The Huggies have a flip top and Pampers have a resealable flap. The Huggies have a larger hole to pull the wipe from and the Huggies pull out individually. Pampers take the rest along with it. Huggies is a better overall product.


  7. LogiGirl

    When you pull out the wipe only one comes out, unlike the Pampers wipes that gives you multiple wipes at once. They are super soft and thick. Great for sensitive skin, best wipes I have ever used. Glad the Hospital sent us home with a pack.


  8. JustBurke

    Our daughter was blessed with sensitive skin, and finding the ideal wipe was a matter of trial and error at the beginning. We settled on these due to her tolerance to the wipes, the quality of the wipes, and the ease of use. Her sensitive skin is not irritated by any of the ingredients. The wipes themselves handle the toughest #2s with relative ease. The wipes are easy to remove from the package – one wipe comes out at a time and a second wipe is dispensed. Many other wipe packs we tried failed to dispense properly. All said and done, we would and have recommend(ed) this wipe to any of our friends


  9. Kat T

    I love these wipes and have used them for all 4 of my kids. (And let’s be honest, I use them for all sorts of other tasks besides diaper changes. They’re great on walls and counters and baseboards too.) I usually get the “Plus” version from Costco, but they stopped selling them and I can’t tell a difference with these non-“plus” ones. Thick, durable, just the right amount of wetness, and the smell is so light I don’t mind it at all.

    Kat T

  10. jessmiller

    I did NOT get the amount ordered THOugh missing packs